One of the most rewarding parts of our job is to turn a homeowner’s tile and grout “nightmare” into an easy-to-maintenance showpiece. Seldom does a week go by that we don’t receive a call from a frustrated new client stating that they’ve had it with their dirty tile and grout; that they just can’t seem to figure out how to keep it clean. Let our experts deep-clean your tile and grout to restore it’s beauty, followed by a clear seal or color seal application to the grout to build in that protection from spills, stains, and debris. Grout is tricky to keep clean because it is porous. And on tile floors, crumbs and dirt can be left behind, even after sweeping. Plus, a quick wipe of the tiled surface can sometimes miss spots because the grout lines are often slightly deeper than the surface. We find that almost all tile & grout can be restored to “like new” condition. We will provide you an analysis and demonstration of how our process works and what you can expect from deep cleaning. Finally, we’ll give you tips to maintain your tile and grout that will make your life easier and keep your floors looking great!

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  • > Floors are carefully inspected for tile type, cracks, pits, lippage (uneven installation), hollow tiles, stains, and any pre-existing damage or areas of concern. Customer is given cleaning and sealing options and suggestions based on current conditions.

  • All stainless steel appliances and baseboard cabinets are protected with plastic. Wood floor transition points are protected with plastic or paper runners.

  • Floors are cleaned with tile & grout-appropriate solutions using an orbital and hand-pole brushes on all accessible grout lines. This is followed by Hot-Water-Extraction at approximately 900psi to remove all residues and contaminants from tile surface and porous grout.

  • Floors and grout lines are dried using high-volume fans.

  • Grout lines are sealed using either a clear sealer (which is water and stain resistant) or a color sealer (which is water proof and stain proof and restores grout to its original color or even to a new selected color).