Have your natural stone floors lost that shine they once had? Every five to ten years, depending on wear, natural stone floors need to be refinished to reverse the accumulated abrasion damage that dulls the look of the stone. We provide professional and affordable natural stone polishing and can restore the shine to your travertine or marble floors back to showroom quality.. We are experts at restoring that showroom shine with our honing and polishing process which utilizes state of the art technology combined with our critical eye for detail (and a lot of patience!).

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  • Floors are carefully inspected for stone type, cracks, pits, lippage (uneven installation), stains, and any pre-existing damage or areas of concern. Customer is given cleaning, polishing, and sealing options and suggestions.

  • All stainless steel appliances and baseboard cabinets are protected with plastic. Wood floor transition points are protected with plastic or paper runners.

  • Floors are cleaned with stone-appropriate solutions, followed by Hot-Water-Extraction to remove all residues and contaminants from surface and in natural pits and pores.

  • Stone is polished using a floor-polishing machine which utilizes a series of diamond-encrusted pads to achieve either a honed (dull) or polished (glossy) final product.

  • Stone floors are given a final cleaning to remove all contaminants and residual polishing slurry.