The condition of your floors are a reflection of your image. At DOCTOR STEAMER, LLC, we are committed to helping you maintain that strong image, and to providing you and your employees with a clean and healthy environment to flourish in. To help you achieve your goals, we offer a full range of commercial floor cleaning services including carpet, tile & grout, laminate, VCT, and natural stone. From small jobs to those in excess of 20,000 sf, we have the right training, equipment, knowledge, and processes to keep your floors clean and your image and work environment healthy. Doctor Steamer is trusted by business owners for commercial carpet cleaning in Phoenix, AZ. Our cleaners also handle rugs, tile, upholstery & more.
. DOCTOR STEAMER, LLC is also an industry leader in the use of low moisture encapsulation maintenance carpet cleaning.  This new technology allows us to clean large square footages in shorter times without the use of noisy equipment, water, or bulky hoses. This means that, in many cases, carpet cleaning can take place just prior to, or during, normal business hours with carpet dry times measured in minutes rather than hours. Let us show you this technology-call for a free, no obligation demonstration…we guarantee you’ll be a fan!


My business, AZ Air Time, had a carpet cleaner come out a couple months ago that literally just sprayed chemicals on our carpet. They did such a bad job we called them and had them come clean the carpets again and again, had the same outcome. I called Doctor Steamer to try and find a carpet cleaner that would actually do the job right, and they KILLED IT! They came in on a Monday when we were closed and spent about 8 hours cleaning all the carpets and stairs in our building and now they look brand new! I would definitely recommend Doctor Steamer to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy carpet cleaner. Not only did they do a great job at cleaning the carpets, but they were super friendly, honest, and easy to talk to. This was our first time having them out to clean our carpets, but it certainly won’t be the last! AZ AIR TIME LOVES DOCTOR STEAMER! -J. Langlois,


Our favorite choice for commercial carpet cleaning service is low-moisture encapsulation.  Low-moisture encapsulation has the advantage of being an eco-friendly alternative to Hot Water Extraction, using only one gallon of detergent per 300 square feet of carpet.  The end result is a fast-drying carpet that is ready for use immediately after cleaning.  It’s also our fastest method of cleaning.  We can cover larger sections of carpet in a shorter amount of time, making it an economical choice for spaces that require frequent professional cleaning.  For high-traffic commercial spaces, it’s the best way to maintain a professional-looking and hygienic floor year-round“It’s the best way to maintain a professional-looking and hygienic floor year-round”. Low-moisture encapsulation is a three-stage process.  First, Doctor Steamer applies a low-moisture detergent to the carpet surface, which coats dirt molecules in preparation for removal.  The detergent is followed by an high-speed brush, which agitates the carpet fibers and releases the soil molecules.  The loosened soil molecules are then collected with a high-powered vacuum cleaner.  Any left-over detergent actually helps maintain a cleaner carpet, since it is coated with a polymer that repels soil and other contaminates.


  • “Low-Moisture” process results in rapid dry times, usually under one hour.

  • No bulky hoses or noisy equipment which allows for commercial cleaning during slower business hours.

  • Environmentally preferred as there are no toxic chemicals used. The “encapsulated” soils are removed in dry form, so there is no need to use and discharge water rinse in the sewer.

  • Soil resistance properties retard the re-soiling of carpet fibers, so carpets stay cleaner, longer.

  • Ideal use in interim cleaning Stay Beautiful programs, both in the commercial and residential environments.



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