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Carpet Cleaning ScottsdaleCarpet Cleaning Scottsdale

I hear the statement quite often, “The last carpet guy cleaned the carpets for less than you are quoting…” So, the question is, how do you know your carpet was really cleaned? And that’s a great question (with a myriad of answers)!

We’ve all experienced it, we find a carpet cleaning coupon in the mail, or on Groupon, and think, “Yeah, it’s been a long time since I’ve had my carpets cleaned and they are looking grungy.” So, you pick up the phone and schedule a cleaning. The carpet guy shows up, sprays some stuff on the carpet, then uses a carpet wand to shoot some water on the carpet and to suck some of it back out. He wraps up and leaves you with a wet carpet, thinking (or hoping) that it’s clean.

Carpets are primarily made of nylon or polyester fibers, which are quite similar to the clothes you wear (but a bit more durable). We use an acronym in the cleaning business known as C-H-A-T. These stand for Chemical, Heat, Agitation, and Time, four factors that are very important in achieving the best clean possible. I’ll briefly describe each one in more detail:
Chemicals: Years ago, the carpet cleaning industry learned that soaps (“shampoo’s”) left heavy residues in carpets, encouraging rapid re-soiling, so in this day and age most cleaners use chemicals to emulsify dirt, debris, and oils instead of soaps. The quality of the chemicals used play a vital role in the end product. For example, cheap chemicals tend to leave a heavy alkaline residue on the fibers, which attract dirt. High quality chemicals, on the other hand, are designed to do their job then rinse away, leaving very little or no residue on the carpet fibers. In addition, the higher quality chemicals also carry the GreenSeal Certification, meaning they are environmental and people-friendly.
Heat: Just like when cleaning your laundry, heat (hot water or “steam”) helps to activate the soaps or chemicals, and loosens debris and oils much better than cold water. The majority of carpet cleaners use what is called “truck-mount” extraction, meaning that there is a large motor inside their van or trailer that controls the heat being run to the cleaning tool.
Agitation: Again, the laundry example…To properly clean an item like a shirt or carpet, agitation is an important component. As an example, would a shirt get cleaner in a washing machine or in a static bucket of water? Good technicians will take the time to rake the pre-spray into the carpet prior to cleaning.
Time: This refers to the dwell time that the chemicals are allowed to sit on the fibers before being rinsed. Generally, this is between 15-20 minutes to allow time to really emulsify debris and oils.

Now, back to our original statement, “The last carpet guy cleaned the carpets for less than you are quoting…” Carpet cleaners are a dime a dozen, with the large majority of them having no formal training, experience, insurance, or understanding of proper cleaning techniques. It’s also a very highly competitive business. The only way to “undercut” pricing is to scrimp on one or more of the cleaning components, or CHAT, described above. Stay tuned for my next blog where I describe the “Dirty secrets other carpet cleaning companies use to get their pricing down, at your expense!” And remember, Doctor Steamer is the clear choice for the best carpet cleaning in north Phoenix, Anthem, Scottsdale, Glendale, and Peoria!